Will humans one day colonize the moon?


Frank De Winne is answering a few questions on the ISS submitted by Susie Marks from Southern California:
* What do you think about moon colonization?
* When will moon colonization be possible?
* What challenges would we be faced with?

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  1. Lunar colonization all the way! It was written by Democritus that there may be life on other worlds being born and dying; so it's high time to prove this theory as fact and give into our nature to discover and explore. Let's hope that the colonists are treated like people instead of crutches or else they will throw rocks at us Earthworms, a la The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. But first, Cold Fusion must be produce in quantities.

  2. The colonization of the moon is a given if we want to really explore beyond the confines of the Earth. First their is now absolute proof or water and nitrogen compounds at the poles Second there is titanium in huge quantities easily mined Third with either solar or nuclear electrical power the moon becomes both a space ship factory and a launch platform that requires only a tiny part of the space ship mass made on earth, and no chemical propulsion materials at 1000s of $ per lb, from the earth

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