Can you feel the speed at which the ISS travels?


Frank De Winne is answering a question on the ISS submitted by Paul from Portugal:
When you do your EVA (space walk), can you feel the speed (28.000 Km/h) at which the ISS is travelling?

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  1. I wonder if it's disorientating or nauseating to go on an EVA because of the speed at which the Earth moves below you. It must be so incredibly weird.

  2. Wouldn't pieces of old satellite like bolts and nuts tear through the ISS like a knife through butter at 28,000 kmph?? Any space debris for that matter. So weird to me,

  3. But how the human travels at same speed as ISS while he is not attached to it,, because the human body is free in the space, there is no connection between the body and the spaceship, so the body should be constant, and the ISS moves alone, or he should be attached with a wire or something,, anybody understands what I mean??? This question kills me,, I haven't found any answer

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