The Battle of Fulford 1066 AD


Final years of the Vikings Age. Old King Edward the Confessor dies heirlessly in early 1066. The fight for the English throne emerges. Harold Godwinson, William of Normandy and Harald Hardrada are the main pretenders willing to grab the crown. This short video covers Harald’s landing in Yorkshire and first of the three clashes that happened this year – Battle of Fulford.

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BTS Prolog – Kevin MacLeod
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A Dream Within a Dream – Twin Musicom
All This Scoring Action – Kevin MacLeod
Impact Andante – Kevin MacLeod

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  1. ONE QUESTION! >>>I don't understand one thing in all of this – maybe You, fellas, can help me! Hardraada (supposedly) went into that fight for the CROWN (…right?…) – BUT(?)- at the same time chose to attack York? Not only he chose to attack the old "Danelaw"-lands that (as far as I understand at least) were previously practicaly a Danish-Vikings' dominion, but he put virtually a siege to York and started to extort money from the locals in order "NOT TO BURN THEIR VILLAGES" ? I mean! – that doesn't sound much like the behaviour of someone who comes from outside and wants to "win over" the locals – seems rather the typical behaviour of one of the many Viking "tribal chiefs" that (for centuries) came, looted and sailed away… PS. …and why York anyway? You're sure as hell not gonna get crowned "King Of England" there??

  2. Though I approve of the production, I take issue with the description of the battle. There is no mention of the causeway that supported the road that ran through the boggy ground. Tostig and Morcar had enmity of each other and it was this, which Harald exploited to the full. Harald posted Tostig on the right wing to draw Morcar into charging him, pushing the Norse on that wing back. It was at that point that Harald charged into Morcar's exposed flank, whilst leaving men to cover Edwin's men.

  3. 1066 from here on out should be known as the Year of Battles! Damn, how many big battles were fought in 1066!!?? The new military code for going to war …. 1066!! ATTENTION ALL PERSONNEL, WE ARE NOW IN CODE 1066@ I REPEAT, CODE 1066!

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