The Battle of Guadalete 711 AD


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  1. Of course, it's very difficult to explain the state of the Iberian peninsula before the muslim invasion in two minutes, but I'd still like to make a few ponits. I hope someone finds it interesting.

    The Visigothic Kingdom administration was everything but healthy. It was a complete mess, the monach had very little power and most kings died assasinated. King Wittiza was fighting a rebellion in the northern par of the kingdom (Septimania, now part of France) when he died. The nobles that were aiding him in the war(mainly from the Tarraconensis province, wich more or less corresponds to modern Catalonia and Aragon) elected Wittiza's son, Achila. The nobles in Baetica, wich were powerful and had a long history of opposing the monarchy, declared that election ilegal, because it had not been in Toledo with all the nobility present. They then elected Roderic and civil war started.

    Achila's side contacted with the muslims and asked them for help. But when the muslims arrived at the Peninsula it seems that Roderic and Achila had made a truce and decided to face the muslims together. However, when the visigoths faced the muslim army, Achila's side fleed the battlefield, leaving Roderic's forces alone. Many visigoths, seeing that the battle was lost, decided to flee too.

    Now, this is the Dark Ages we are talking about, so sources are few and not too great. Muslim sources tend to change the name of the christian characters they mention, and christian sources do the same with muslims. Christians also love to shove miracles and saints into every historical event they tell. Add to that the fact that some like to see in the visigothic kingdom the ancestor of modern Spain, and many historians approach the topic with the intention of delivering a certain political narrative (sometimes nationalistic, sometimes anti-nationalistic). Historians nowdays still disagree in a lot of things about this battle, so take everything you read with a grain of salt.

  2. Andalusien and Anatolien is big Empire in World, he is from China, Indien, Peoples Sasanid, Parthianer, Kushanen, Yuezhi, Saka, Wu, Wusun, Sui, Yan, Tang, Changan, Shang,..Pikten, Berber, , Alanen, Aryanam, Roxane, Satrap, Jiedushi .. Quadscharen Nomadic Peoples Dynastien . .!!!!

  3. While i am particularly disagree with the sources of mentioning Tariq bin Ziyad motives of invading Spain and his method of plundering cities since the creator of this video most probably took a Western sources, at least i can turn a blind eye and enjoying the battle sequences he provided.

  4. Betrayal at its best form, Can't help but wonder if King Roderic was the biggest asshole on the planet at the time, maybe there should be a spot in history for him as the largest dickhead to ever walk the earth, its the only logical explanation as to why his subjects would betray him…either that or the Visigoths were spineless cowards.

  5. You wonder how the peasants and deserters imagined they would fare under Muslim rule, seeing as they're essentially surrendering to it. It's easy to imagine them wanting to stay alive another day rather than risk being killed in battle, and take their chances with new nobles or Muslim rulers [if they didn't fear their rule of course].

  6. WELL THAT WAS BAD EXPLAINED .! Firstly the vizigoths asked the muslims to help them against the King probably the north Visogoths and then Musa send Tarik to help them since muslims where nice people they let the muslims in and became themself muslims and conquer all the other lands ! They did so in ONLY 1 YEAR NOT 2 NOT 3 NOT 4 ONLY 1 YEAR ! And the majority of The Kingdom became muslims except asturia who was not at all muslims ! And they became muslim not because they forced people but the visighots where the only Arianse left of the Arian doctrine withc says that Isa(jesus) was only a prophet not God and not the son and had nothing holy ! And so was not hard to convert them to islam ! So yes you quit lied dud don't lie lying is bad ! Say the truth even if it is against you ! And what did you do ? Christians ? After reco quering the land .? You force every muslims to become Christians or to leave the land ! And funny thing is that only 5 to 10 % where arabic all the other where Visghots and you force you onw people to leave the country ! And if they didnt leave and yoi find them practicing islam you killed them ! Something that for sure will never lead to to paradise but yeah i guess you know that Christianity is false and the bible corrupted become muslims its better for once hope to get paradise !

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