The Battle of Visby 1361 AD


The story of Valdemar Atterdag and his struggle to reclaim lands and power lost by his father, King Christian with culminating Battle of Visby in 1361.

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  1. Can anyone explain why a smaller realm like Denmark was ever dominant over Sweden and Norway? Also, did germanic people originally come from Scandinavia before some migrated from Germania back to Scandinavia?

  2. My pedantic alter ego isn't 100% happy with the map 😉
    The island of Ven was not under Swedish rule until the 17th century and Öland wasn't controlled by Valdemar Atterdag. Actually the troops from this video invaded Öland prior to Gotland. The Danish king tried to install some governors but they were kicked out as soon as the army left. One year after this attack the island's castle was pledged to the Hanseatic League, so actually Öland was hostile towards Valdemar.

  3. This battle occurred 10 years after more than 50% of the Danish and Swedish populations had died in the first wave of the black plague, which reached northern Europe and Scandinavia around 1350. Within a densely populated city like Visby, which was also a major port—i.e. a place where rat & plague infested ships docked nearly every day—the mortality rate possibly reached as high as 80%!

    I clicked on this video specifically to learn something about war and social conflict in the aftermath of the Black Death, how the loss of half of Europe's population to disease had changed people's view of armed conflict. This incredibly superficial recounting of the Visby story completely ignores this pivotal consideration. Grade for this video: D-.

  4. The narrator says the battle "lasted barely two hours," as if it's a brief skirmish.  But two hours is an EXTRAORDINARILY long time for melee combat between a mere three or four thousand men.  And considering it was mere peasants against trained and armored professional soldiers, I'm actually quite impressed they held out for so long!

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