First Crusade: Battle of Dorylaeum 1097 AD


First installment of the First Crusade mini-series, featuring Siege of Nicaea and Battle of Dorylaeum.

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Music used:
BTS Prolog – Kevin MacLeod
Impact Allegretto – Kevin MacLeod
All This Scoring Action – Kevin MacLeod
Impact Andante – Kevin MacLeod
Instinct – Bensound

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  1. I don't like the douchebag Bloomberg commercials he has no chance against Trump and he phonys up the polls saying he's ahead he's not even close… Mike can't get crap done Trump has already gotten all that done

  2. In 1071 the Seljulk Turks took control of Jerusalem from the Egyptians starting a persecution of the Christians in the holy city. The born again muslim Turks were violently opposed to other religions. A clash was inevitable.

  3. Hi gentleman, i learning english and i have questions, why translate french names in english ? What's the name of "Saladin" (french name for Salah ad-Din) in english ? Thanks

  4. Good overview but very weak on why Crusaders attacked the Muslims in the east. All those lands had previously been under Byzantine control which the Muslims took from them, just as they took Egypt and the rest of North Africa as well as Spain and were finally stopped in France. Muslim fleets attacked Christian seaports over much of the Mediterranean attacking and occupying Pantelleria and repeatedly looting the islands of Sicily and Sardinia and Corsica. In 846, even Rome was attacked and its basilicas looted and just a few years later a Muslim fleet on its way to Rome was intercepted by a Christian fleet and a storm.
    Christian lands had been the victim of Muslim depredations for centuries prior to the Crusades. The First Crusade was a long overdue response.

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