Alexander the Great: Battle of the Hydaspes 326 BC


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  1. This isn’t what happened in the battle. You left out the most crucial tactics that the Alexander used in this battle. He concealed some cavalry in the impression on the left flank to in circle his army. Not on the right flank.

  2. History say alexander win and poros lost but fact say poras win and alexander lost in the battle of hydespies.
    In other hand if alexander enter in the middle india he must be defeted and killed by indians….beacuse that time great magadh was ruling in entire middle india.

  3. I bet it felt good to the Greeks when they were finally running roughshod over Persia. And what the hell? This Porus guy was 7+ feet tall? Is that not just a myth? Was that common in this area at the time? Something about that seems extremely strange to me. I thought people that tall were even rarer back then than they are now.

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