Work life at the European Space Agency


I’m a research fellow at the European Space Agency, in this week’s video, I take you for a tour of our European Space Astronomy centre in Madrid and show you a day in the life of me. What kind of things I do, as well as some of the things other employees are doing here. Hopefully this will inspire you to join the team at ESA and work in the ever growing space industry. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for the video :). I'm currently in my first year of studying physics/astronomy and was wondering what sort of qualifications you need to be considered for a job at esa. Is 'just' a bachelor and masters degree enough or are they looking for people who have gone a bit further? Like participating in honours projects and such. Better to know now if that's the case 🙂

  2. Currently close to my Bachelors degree in physics and I'm excited to apply for an internship at ESA. Hope they take me!
    Thanks for your videos!

    By the way: Where and how did you apply there?

  3. Rockets are not the future of space travel and only blocking.

    Hg ring accelerators with outlet tubes filled with water for linear slow down are driving the ship the Hg back in ring accelersted again that way not loosing mass for ship acceleration with 1g it can stand in air in space less 1 year near c with energy from Li-7 Th HTR or better from cold fusion of water from Hg H->H punsh fusion in water
    added CO2 turbine with cf compressor backflow cooling of all thermal isolated, generator etc.

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