How to get a job at the European Space Agency


Hi Spacecats, I’m Dr Maggie Lieu and welcome to my channel, where you can find all things space, astronomy and physics! In this video I talk about some of the job opportunities available at the European space agency ESA.

Extra reading:

ESA traineeship programme:

ESA YGT programme:

ESA NPI project:

ESA research fellowship:

ESA open days

Media credits:
Galaxy cluster: ESA/Kornmesser
Hubble: ESA/Hubble/Kornmesser
ESA open day: ESA

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  1. I'm going to be applying for the next years internship this november, however as a math master student I'm kinda scared that my lack of previous research/ projects is really going to hurt my chances.

  2. I am studying electrical and electronic engineering at university and it has been a dream of mine since I was a child to work for space. I plan to do masters in embedded systems after I graduate, what jobs could this get me at esa?

    Thank you!!

  3. Does ESA have regular engineer/scientist jobs? All these programs cover only academic, short time period jobs, but I suspect they also have long term position too, right?

  4. Had a job with an ESA subcontractor – fired after two decades after forging Contact Engagement and Separation Force testing ESTEC Spec ESA 3402, never did it once in all that time test results were falsified to approve components for launch (more info if you're interested). Two decades of faux components in orbit above your head right now.

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