Traces of life on Mars: Olympus Mons


Olympus Mons is the highest volcano on Mars, and in our Solar System, towering 26 km above the surrounding plains.

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  1. The pic at 0:07 showing Olympus Mons and its three children. I wonder what the geologic probability of having three children exactly the same size, exactly the same geologic orientation from the mother 'volcano', and exactly the same distance from each other is?

  2. There was life on Mars,but then crashed into Mars and destroyed everything the forests,oceans,magnetic field and the atmosphere. There is no more life on Mars. And Olympus Mons isn't the highest volcano of all time but Olympus Rupes is the highest ever!!!!! Believe me!!!!!!

  3. Tamu Massif is the largest volcano largest on Earth and biggest in solar system. Olympus Mons is about 374 miles in diameter, according to NASA; Tamu Massif spans about 403 miles at its widest point and covers about about 8,000 more square miles then Olympus Mons.

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