The Battle of Philippi (42 B.C.E.)


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  1. Octavian – kinda suck as army leader
    also octavian – IQ 200 in Politics, sceams and finding friends like Agrippa and Mecenas.
    For real. His only problem whas later his wife Livia who killed best boy germanic, just to secure tiberius rule lel

  2. Dude. Thanks for the consistently awesome content. I found this channel in a reddit suggestion thread a year ago and haven't looked back– consistently better than anything on history channel. Digestible, interesting, entertaining, these videos are probably my favorite video content to watch on the internet. Thanks!

  3. Hey man. I love your content. When stuff was better, I bought your merch and supported you on patreon. Please switch your merch from teespring. It is terrible. Your squares, fasces, and infantry shirts (I bought one of each of these) are borderline false advertising and teespring's customer service is negligent. Please fix this.

  4. Damn, at this point most of the people from before the civil war are gone. Crassus killed in Syria, Pompey in Egypt, Cato committed suicide, Labienus died in Spain, Caesar was assassinated, and Cicero proscribed. I mean, we still have Mark Antony and Lepidus I guess but still…

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