The Battle of Cannae (216 B.C.E.)


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Music is Beethoven’s Sonata No. 32 in C Minor, Op. 111 – I. Maestoso – Allegro con brio ed appassionato, performed by Daniel Veesey

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  1. I looked this up after the Battle of the Bastards in GoT, and have really been enjoying these historical scenario's. Thanks for the great content.

  2. Hannibal also put his heavy pikes on the flanks with them he could force the Romans together. You also completly miss one more fatal mistake by the Romans, they reduced the space in between the soldiers so they could get more men in(sounds good). However this gave little space to swing the sword and to maneuver and the soldiers where not trained to fight that densely packed. And once they where being pushed together even more by the Carthaginians it was impossible for them to fight.

  3. Perhaps it would be good to include that the 70.000 death are according to Polybius, while most historians follow the 42600 stated by Livius.
    14.000 Legionairies managed to break through the Carthaginian center and flee to Canusium.

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