Exploring capillarity – Take your classroom into space


Gravity has something to do with capillary action, but what? Students using ESAs ‘Take Your Classroom into Space’ kit and this video recorded in the weightlessness envirnoment of the ISS can now find out. The experiment was proposed by a Belgian and Italian teachers who participated to the ESA competition ‘Take Your Classroom into Space’.

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  1. This is amazing! I wondered how capillary action would behave in space, searched Youtube for it and now I can actually *see* someone do such an experiment *in* *space*!

    I do wonder though what hinders the water from spreading out over time with nothing counteracting the adhesion other than stronger adhesion where the plates are closer. I also wonder why the water creeps "up" with up not even existing in 0g.

  2. Thank you Frank for all these great videos. I know they are kinda old by now but I have been learning so much from your videos and wanted to express my gratitude.

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