Battle Of Targoviste (Part 2/2) ⚔️ The Night Attack, 1462


Battle of Targoviste (Part 2) – The Night Attack, 1462

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Narration by Alexander Doddy:

Big thank you to Calin Cretu for helping us with proper Romanian pronunciations! We couldn’t have made the video without his help!

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If you want to learn all about the conflict between Vlad the Impaler and Mehmed the Conqueror, check out the work of our co-producers:
Corpus Draculianum (Amazon):
Corpus Draculianum vol 1.1 (Harrassowitz bookstore):
Corpus Draculianum vol 1.2 (Harrassowitz bookstore):
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“Corpus Draculianum” – by Thomas Bohn, Adrian Gheorghe, Christof Paulus, Albert Weber
“Roots of Balkanization” – by Ion Grumeza
“Dracula” – by Matei Cazacu
“Mehmed the Conqueror and His Time” – by Franz Babinger
“Vlad der Pfähler – Dracula” – by Thomas M. Bohn, Rayk Einax, Stefan Rohdewald

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  1. All can clearly see where Transylvania rightfully belongs to.
    Transylvania is Hungary as it always was.
    Where is "Romania" on the map? Do you find it? It is nowhere as it is a late 19th century imagination.

  2. If Vlad had no option but poor guerrilla warfare when faced with a real Ottoman army, how did he dare to destroy Ottoman towns and population in Bulgaria at the peak of Ottomans in the first place?

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