We Asked a NASA Scientist – Do Aliens Exist?


Do aliens exist? Extraterrestrial life has never been discovered. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And at NASA, astrobiologists like Dr. Lindsay Hays are trying to answer one of the most profound questions ever: Is there life beyond Earth? Explore more: https://astrobiology.nasa.gov/

Producer: Scott Bednar
Producer/Editor: Jessica Wilde

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  1. There are possibilities, like on the other solar system. The planet that have the same distance as Earth and Sun. It is much likely they have the same temperature as us. Same temperature means there are living things/organism.

  2. Biological life is almost certain. Life in oceans like fish I believe is also very likely. Life on land (not intelligent) is less likely but should be out there. Intelligent life is unlikely but I do believe it is out there.

  3. Lies all lies! They have had possession of multiple craft since the 40's. Not just from outer space, but also from the darkest parts of the ocean. The reason Nasa stopped going into the ocean, was because citizens weren't ready to find out. You're gullible if you believe the lies coming from her mouth.

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