Visit the ISS in 3D with Paolo Nespoli


Paolo Nespoli spent 6 months on-board the International Space Station from Dec 2010 through to May 2011.
In this video he shot using ESA’s Erasmus Recording Binocular (ERB-2) stereoscopic camera during various phases of his MagISStra mission, he caught some moments that depict the work astronauts carry out on the ISS: from educational activities, to scientific experiments and physical training, also demonstrating the way astronauts move in weightlessness through the various modules. ERB-2 is the first camera to transmit 3D images live from space.

ESA would like to thank all the astronauts featured in the film: NASA astronauts Catherine (Cady) Coleman, Ron Garan, Scott Kelly and the united ISS Expedition 26-27 and STS-134 crew including ESA astronaut R. Vittori.

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  1. @Tiranozauras As my friend said yesterday: we should use the money to something more important. My answer to her was: Thanks to the money, that could been used on something "more important", you probably wouldn't watch tv, or see the weather forecast many days ahead. As an astronomer, money to spice science is well used money! 🙂

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