The Journey Continues for NASA’s Human Space Exploration


The crew of STS-135, the final space shuttle mission, talks about the vibrancy of the International Space Station as a stepping stone for NASA’s plans for future human exploration beyond low-Earth orbit.

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  1. There should be updates from the ISS on the news everyday! Those astronauts are in outerspace EVERYDAY. That's got to be more exciting then "Rural communities decreasing" If we continue to advance our space programs we won't need rural communities 'cause will be growing large quantities of food in outer fucking space! And since it's probably be grown in the ISS (or an attachment) any one from anywhere could buy it! Bye bye rural communities!

  2. @corporallee44 The whole point is to see what effects outer-space has on Earth elements. Because, think about it, the further you get from Earth, the less gravity, the less magnetic pull, and the less everything else.

  3. @jmtc3 It's just that the zero-g plays havoc with the human digestive system and the people on the station get really gassy. I should have used Brazilian porn instead.

  4. @HudgeyO they are making war just because of money. they need to sell the weapon that they make. The only resource that US got is weapon to make money. without the money they also can't go to space. That's why the united states government still making war until now and the war will not be stop unless if someone could make some new idea that really can work of all of this. The people still dying because all of this.

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