The European Space Agency Explained


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When people think about the big players of the space industry, they don’t tend to think about Europe. But believe it or not the European Space Agency or ESA has the second highest budget out of any space agency. So what are they doing with all that money?

Narration by Mark Lurenana

Written and Edited by David Blom –

Cycles – Audionautix
European Union Anthem
Simon Bichbihler – In the 1980’s

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  1. This is a re-upload from yesterday with some errors fixed and some new visuals and music. Even if you watched the one from yesterday you might enjoy watching this one. Cheers.

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  3. ESA takes the motto "For All Humankind" quite literally by publishing most of their findings and even raw data for free to use by scientist and amateurs around the world and provide governments in developing countries with data that they could never afford otherwise.

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