The amazing adventures of Rosetta and Philae (Spanish)


Watch the amazing cartoon adventures of Rosetta and Philae, now back-to-back in one special feature-length production.

Find out how Rosetta and Philae first got inspired to visit a comet, and?follow them on their incredible ten-year journey through the Solar System to?their destination, flying around planets and past asteroids along the way.?Watch as Philae tries to land on the comet and deals with some unexpected?challenges!

Learn about the fascinating observations that Rosetta made as she?watched the comet change before her eyes as they got closer to the Sun and?then further away again. Finally, wish Rosetta farewell, as she, too,?finishes her amazing adventure on the surface of the comet. Keep watching for?one last surprise!

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  1. Absolutamente maravilloso. Este video siembra una generacion de apasionados por la ciencia. Como lo hizo previamente Sagan con Cosmos. Son cosas como estas las que necesitamos en las escuelas.

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