Tasting Astronaut Food: Inside NASA’s Space Food Systems Laboratory


How does the dining experience in space compare to that on Earth? We visited NASA’s Space Food Systems Laboratory at the Johnson Space Center in Houston to learn about the history of space food and sample some of the same food that the astronauts on the International Space Station eat every day.

Photos of all the food we tasted at NASA here (space smoothies!): http://www.tested.com/science/space/455535-tubes-tortillas-history-space-food-photos/

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  1. It's the first question everyone asks when you tell them you visited the place where they made food for astronauts on ISS.

    When you're on the station for 6 months, and this is all you can eat, having the best tasting food possible is really important to the mental health of the crew.

  2. Who would've known capri suns as long as they've been around were needed for space…just food for thought next time you're puncturing that hole in that pouch. Watching this idt people like me can go up in space because i love no i need hot sauce that might be banned up there due to its flammability lol

    Guy at 17:12 "so this is brisket" (slams his face in the food)

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