STS-134: Space Shuttle Endeavour’s last Mission


The best of the best, it’s a compilation of the featured moments captured by NASA Television during the mission of Endeavour and its six-man crew to the International Space Station.

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  1. Lavi EN pasig pillihnes very much today ENDAPALANET tegyu GLOBE SMART NASA Vava KUWAIT DUBAI AND EDUCATION PLANETARIUM IN THE WORLD OF noployuson NO covib Tegyu Oll pipol subscriber Naw channel

  2. 40:00 Bit of a double take when NASA was congratulating Michael Fincke on his duration record of 377 days, as Valery Polyakov had already spent 438 days in space prior to this. Similar to the NASA marketing about Scott Kelly's (340 day) 'records' a few years ago. Non-American human records do not seem to count in US corporate governance land. Nice to see the self awareness and humility/respect in Mike's response here!

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