Station spacewalk (GoPro footage hyperlapse)


GoPro footage of ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet working outside the International Space Station during a spacewalk on 24 March 2017.

Thomas is seen performing his spacewalk tasks. Firstly he inspected the Station’s cooling system for leaks. He took photos and recorded video images as he patted and prodded the cooling pipes to see if any coolant leaked out. No leak was found, but ground control can now analyse the images in detail.

Thomas’ second task was to maintain the multipurpose robotic hand Dextre – he had the laborious job of applying lubricant. The footage concludes when he has set up a foot restraint and is preparing to start work on Dextre – backdropped by a spectactular view of our planet.

For this spacewalk, Thomas and NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough spent six hours and 34 minutes outside the Station.

Thomas is spending six months on the International Space Station as part of his Proxima mission. During Proxima, Thomas will perform around 50 scientific experiments for ESA and France’s space agency CNES as well as take part in many research activities for the other Station partners.

The mission is part of ESA’s vision to use Earth-orbiting spacecraft as a place to live and work for the benefit of European society while using the experience to prepare for future voyages of exploration further into the Solar System.

More about the Proxima mission:
Connect with Thomas Pesquet:

Credit: ESA/NASA

Music: ’Oaxaca’
Written by M. Cherry, C. Dennis, G. Fuchs, C. McNeal, S. Moore
Performed by Maserati
Published by Rough Trade Publishing
Courtesy of Temporary Residence Ltd.
By Arrangement with Bank Robber Music

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  1. It would be nice to board ISS with cosmic drones equipped with HD cameras, with 360 cameras, with lenses, filters etc. The drones would be connected with ISS by metal cables so they could float couple hundreds meters away from ISS. Pictures and videos taken in this way would be amazing. Even more, it could be real time broadcasting.

  2. Using a go pro makes the pictures much better and videos much clearer and sharper like being there with them like to see more very good and very sharp videos

  3. Okay we all like the suite and saw it plenty of times alone with the job and the station. Now point that GoPro at the planet, moon, and stars, etc. And keep it there for more than 5 seconds. Just point and shoot. Easy…..

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