Space Station 360: Unity (Node 1)


This 360° video allows you to explore the International Space Station’s second module, Unity. Launched on 4 December 1998 inside Space Shuttle Endeavour, it was joined to the Russian Zarya module two days later, forming the basis of the International Space Station. Also known as Node-1, the cylindrical module has six docking ports to connect visiting spacecraft and other modules.

Explore Unity in Flickr, Facebook or YouTube format with your mobile phone and virtual-reality headset, or take the full tour including all Space Station modules with videos and extra information below. We will release a new Space Station module in 360° every week on Thursday.



Full tour:

Previous releases:
Explore Zarya module via Flickr, Facebook or YouTube:

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  1. thank you for the 360 views i have been wanting this for a while and i enjoy all your guys videos thank you again for sharing keep up the good work 🙂

  2. It is a true privilege to be inside the ISS. We all should contribute one way or the other to this great effort of keeping the human exploration alive and kicking. Please post more "videos" like this. Everything about the ISS is always interesting. Thank you.

  3. ESA, thank you for this upload. But for clarity, please could you edit the title and description? Add something like "(still spherical image shown continuously for 210 seconds)".

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