ScienceCasts: Voyager 1 at the Final Frontier


At the edge of the solar system, Voyager 1 is reporting a sharp increase in cosmic rays that could herald the spacecraft’s long-awaited entry into interstellar space.

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  1. Well, I wouldn't say "no harvest". Just look at the Wiki article about the probe, it actually sent back quite a huge load of interesting datas. But I can understand it can seem useless for most of the people.

  2. thats quite a speed its got going there, wouldn't like to crash at that speed but there is nothing around voyager for hundreds of thousands of miles 🙂

  3. We need to send anothe up to date voyager with todays technology, Skip looking at the outer planets and just send it on the quickest route out of the solar system using an ion engine.

  4. hehehe its ok .. anyway we cant sent the 2 probes in to the interstellar space because its not part of their job,, their mission is to sent back data from from the outskirts of the solar system… surely it will take thousands of years before they reach the nearest star and they're probably already broken before they reach one … :))

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