Rosetta Philae landing: one year


It?s been an extraordinary year for the Rosetta comet mission since Philae landed on the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on 12 November 2014.

Continual data from the orbiter, together with information collected over several days from the lander, is providing a comprehensive picture of a remnant from our Solar System.

This film covers the most recent science news from the Rosetta mission, as well as selected scientific highlights from the last year. It includes the comet?s unusual surface terrace structure, its formation from two colliding objects producing the unusual rubber duck shape, how water is transported from inside the comet towards the surface, and the surprising detection of molecular oxygen – familiar on Earth but not on a comet.

Find out more about the Rosetta mission:

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  1. The task of getting something land way out in space is incredible indeed, however it's still disappointing that modern cosmologists are desperately Clinging On to the Pure Gravity and accretion process when there's so much more data now which contradicts and proves a lot of this as being untrue. The fact that so many solar system bodies and comments have this peanut shape is a clue. You can find this same dumbbell shape in fused and melted elements together at the source of lightning strikes. It's an electrical process which they know is what excavated this material to cause the shapes and even now you can clearly see the electrical discharge at very distinct points often times around the neck. there's a lot of scientific papers and observations that have noticed that much to their surprise comments are not giant dirty snowballs but are in fact layers of solid rock. Many of these comets also have what appears to be one big crater at one end, but not from an impact which they admit should and would have obliterated the comet. Not only that they admit that the conditions and the odds of two large bodies like this in the vastness of space coming together at extremely slow speeds to bind together is virtually an impossibility let alone having this process happened over and over and over again. and now there's even more video being collected of comets such as Comet Enky which clearly had a discharge coming out of its nose as it approached the son that was millions of miles long and then there was Siding Spring as it passed near Mars had a humongous discharge with the planet…….. In fact I'm putting together a video on the phenomenon the black Sun, a rare occurrence only visible in certain areas in which there's a gigantic black hole, not sunspots, that block a portion of the Sun and during that time for a number of weeks there are periods of Rapid Sun flickering and blinking ….. I already knew what this was and I inadvertently came across a NASA video in which nobody has noticed or correlated together which easily proves the electrical process in the black sun because this was happening on one of our outer planets, right out of the North End was an extremely bright discharge light that look like a mini Sun, and right in the middle of it was this big black spot that would disappear and then appear in change shape and shrink and grow because it was the heart and North End of the magnetic field and the extreme amount of current that was flowing, something which NASA now admits is connected through birkeland currents or as NASA calls them ropes from the Sun to the planets and then the planets to the moons, because everything is electrically driven, the gravity is a secondary affect……and that's why modern cosmologists have had to invent things to get their models to work such as dark matter and neutron stars, and it's why they're wrong about what a black hole actually is…. But I'm pretty sure they already know all of this……because changing is more of an economic and political decision……most reports that I have read on actual findings of these comments is that they hold almost no water, a complete opposite as to what the theory was. Visually it's obviously Rock and if you look at the craters they're just like craters on Mars and the Moon,, many of them have that same hexagonal pattern, which is another result of current and magnetic fields. And those are things that happen as those bodies leave the outer solar system and become closer to the Sun and if those charged differentials that caused them to eventually discharged the way that they do…. There's a lot more information out there than people realize, and just because people say or claim one thing, does not mean that it's true. In fact most cosmology is based on theoretical ideas and inventions to make their computer models work properly. under the fundamental EU principles you don't need these inventions to get everything to work properly. See David Lapoint 3 video series the primer fields. Three of the best videos I've seen. And then of course there's the Thunderbolt project, which not only well prove logically and scientifically the theory and data, but will exposure to many of the scientific papers of mainstream cosmologists and what they are actually saying….. As opposed to the select material that is put on a News video clip for masses to see. We'll be making some videos and they'll be undeniable. I just encourage anybody to dig deeper don't just a
    believe one thing because they claim to be educated in that field…. The truth is is they don't really know in everything that they keep discovering in their own words is a great surprise, whereas it usually matches and has been perfectly accurate with the predictions the EU makes before the results of a new scientific Expedition are in

  2. I call it the Horse, yes because of its shape on one side. I saw these Centipede and slug looking crafts or creatures on the comet, also seen them on Mars also on the Earths moon. I think the smaller half of 67P is a space ship maned by aliens who are simply flying around the solar system attached to this comet. I think that?s why the Philippe didn?t land right because the aliens didn?t want it at all. What are the aliens doing there, I think they are mining minerals and metals. Thanks so much for sharing this video.

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