Red Planet Rendezvous on This Week @NASA


The Curiosity rover continues to make its way to Mars and its scheduled landing in Gale Crater on Monday, Aug. 6. Also Mars Yard; New record set; New heat shield test and new mission previewed; Landsat 40 and remembering Sally Ride and more….

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  1. Mars ? Hell, we might be headed towards Europa & / or Titan with 10 % of the military budget's funding, at least via a Curiosity level space probe. GWB signed the STS's DNR notice, but I don't see Obama doing much of anything to resuscitate it.

  2. The United States is also home to SpaceX,the first private company to launch,orbit and recover space capsules. A SpaceX capsule became the first commercial spacecraft to dock with International Space Station last month. SpaceX is already working on rockets to fly to the Moon and Mars. Commercial space flight is the wave of the future and once again the United States is leading the way. A human landing on the Moon or Mars is best left to someone like SpaceX.

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