Press briefing on new European Zero Space Debris policy | Paris Air Show 2023


Watch the replay of the live session from the Paris Air Show 2023 to witness ESA unveiling the ambitious Zero Debris Charter initiative. Airbus Defence and Space, OHB, and Thales Alenia Space join forces in support of this endeavor to tackle the pressing issue of space debris.

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  1. For the greater good of humanity.

    This message is not going to please.

    It's not about mistakes but about the lack of responsibility. Space debris is something everyone was aware of.
    Still, I think it's too late to go back in time, so we need to move forward.

    The first sentence is about sacrificing a year of incomes of all space agencies in the world to create a program to definitely cleanup space debris for future generations.

    Next step is to create a United Earth Space Law that will charge projects when they create debris.

    The debris will be identified thanks to one of the articles in the UESL that specifies that all parts, even bolts, will get a serial number connected to a specific project.

    To go beyond the boundaries of our planet holds huge responsibilities and we have to stop with that 'I don't care' mentality. Many of us are not realizing how lucky we are to be here.

    Honestly, this is a topic that can be discussed for years to come when we have that window of opportunities today.

    Anyways, who wants to wait until the unavoidable crashes on our heads?

    Act now and make that small sacrifice for mankind ✌️

    Maybe we just have to create a United Earth Space Agency
    Who's with me? 😅

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