Planck’s view of the Universe


This animation highlights some of the many discoveries made by ESA’s Planck space telescope over its 4.5 year observing career, from new discoveries in our home Milky Way Galaxy stretching back to the first few moments after the Big Bang 13.82 billion years ago.

Credits: ESA

Read more on the ESA website:

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  1. It's annoying being one of the countries that paid for this. That when I go on the website. I see no link to any research paper explaining how to read it. How you got the age of the universe from it. Nothing at all proving the statements made by the ESA. Show your data. Nothing explaining how much of the observable universe could it see from the satellite. Stuff like this is important you know. I don't like it when I just an article saying this and that and not a single bit of proof for any of it. Or explaining why how you came to the conclusion that you did. I mean I was doing a search and because of your map, people think Milkyway is the centre of the universe. Not the observable by that I mean the entire universe. You get such bad media articles. Also for the love, god never names your satellites after people in science. or the bloody Planck length it just makes searching harder. No omega's every bloody science field uses it differently. Get some sci-fi writer to create your names in the future sick of seeing names that can mean many things depending on the field or context used. Just makes searching hard. And search engines don't like it. Because it's illogical.

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