Perseverance Mars Rover Pre-Launch News Conference


Learn more about the planned July 30 launch of our Mars 2020 rover from Cape Canaveral aboard an Atlas V 541 rocket, featuring:

– Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator

– Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA Associate Administrator

– Omar Baez, Launch Director, NASA Launch Services Program

– Matt Wallace, Mars 2020 Deputy Project Manager, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

– Tory Bruno, President and CEO, United Launch Alliance

– Jessica Williams, 45th Space Force Weather Officer

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  1. audio engineer for this press conference seems to have been on drugs (come on, NASA, you usually do better than this!). otherwise, interesting, and very exciting — good luck, Perseverance!

  2. As much as I love the space programme NASA has lied for 50 years.any1 that doubts this claim really should read the new York Times story from last week about the pentagon admitting it has been in possession of OTHER WORLD CRAFT vindication Bob lazar (I knew he was right) if you need further proof about NASA lying then search Donna Hare's testimony on the disclosure project'll get your answer there.
    Cmon nasa level with the people!!!

  3. When dust storm will come on Mars, flying blade bearing will have a chance to get damaged, and also it's blade may get stuck due to Strom wind. Then what we will have to do to protect this flying object at that time? I thing there should be a plan to protect this at that condition by itself.
    1. Rover comes over the kit and protect this as birds covers their eggs
    2. There should be a brass on rovers solar panel for removing dust time to time because it is very essential .
    3. For multiple use and combat other hazardous on Mars climate , copter should be reattached beneath the rover, in between the wheels of Rover, so that heavy wind flow can't damage it's blade and bearing.

  4. Maravilloso acontecimiento sentí una alegría inmensa gracias Nada y así maravilloso equipo por hacer participe a la humanidad de tan extraordinario acontecimiento

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