Paxi – The Solar System


Join Paxi on a journey through our Solar System, from the rocky inner planets close to the Sun, past the giant planets to the freezing edge, the home of comets.

In this video, targeted at children between 6 and 12, Paxi takes us on a tour of our Solar System, visiting all eight planets and other minor bodies such as asteroids, comets and the dwarf planet Pluto.

This video is the second of a series of animations in which Paxi, ESA?s Education mascot, touches on different aspects of the Solar System, the Universe, the secrets of planet Earth, and much more.

More Paxi videos in this playlist:

Copyright: ESA; produced by Science Office, illustrations by Kaleidoscope Design, NL

The Paxi videos are also available in the following languages, follow the link for a full playlist

Portuguese subtitles are also available on this video. Select them using the YouTube controls along the bottom of the video player.

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  1. I find that Paxi is cute and my Reception Class loves these animations. Keep up the great work ESA KIDS!??????????. Only one thing.., It would have been nice to say something about Uranus (spinning on its side), Neptune (gassy, stinky) and the dwarf planets. Maybe something to add???

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