Our Moon: Earth’s only natural satellite


The Moon has fascinated mankind throughout the ages. Discover how our Moon was formed, probably by a collision with a huge object when Earth was very young.

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  1. @ernironaldinho80 I hope that ur not being serious… Cause that would make it to the top 10 stupidest things I've ever heard.

  2. Anyone who thinks the Moon, or any planet or star, was slowly formed from small amounts of matter, should do some serious study, on just how much matter there is in even a speck in the universe, like our Moon. It isn't a golf ball. It's diameter is hundreds and hundreds of miles. Yet it is a speck, or not even a speck, if compared to some of the really big stars out there.

  3. There is evidence of water-ice just beneath the moons crust that would have evaporated away in a massive eXplosion between two Planets!
    "I believe the Earth was once a hugh muddy snow ball just like Enceladus only much larger ejecting from its pole hot dust and water-ice freezing out into the vacuum and over a period of time formed ring coils around the Earth just like the rings of Saturn! And that eventually coalesced to form our Moon."

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