NASA’S Head of Science Mission Directorate Discusses History of Hubble Space Telescope


Dr. Ed Weiler is considered by many as the face of the Hubble Space Telescope. He is presently serving his second tour as head of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington. His scientific expertise and commitment to excellence have earned him numerous distinctions over the years. His relationship with the observatory spans three decades. From his beginning role as chief scientist to numerous management responsibilities, Weiler has been involved with the telescope for 33 years, well before Hubble’s 1990 launch, subsequent technical challenges, and eventual place in history as one of humankind’s greatest scientific achievements.

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  1. Dr. Weiler worked on the OAO-3C (Copernicus) astrophysical satellite – my first job after college. I've had the honor of working with Hubble people including astronaut Story Musgrave when I moved to Houston. I worked on space shuttle and space station programs in NASA-JSC in Mission Control Center including the previous Hubble missions. In the future, I will post video slide shows of my space industry experience.

  2. James webb would make Americans and Europeans more Proud . I wish In my Country Pakistan We will have our Space program in 15 to 20 years . But that is Still a dream for me .

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