NASA: Reaching for New Heights


At NASA, we’ve been a little busy: landing on Mars, developing new human spacecraft, going to the space station, working with commercial partners, observing the Earth and the Sun, exploring our solar system and understanding our universe. And that’s not even everything.

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  1. But it couldnt really be privately funded. If you think about it almost all space undertakings are financial dead ends. How could a company make back several billions of dollars that NASA had spent on the moon landing? sponsors? hardly. Aside from that there are only really satellitesthey would invest in because they could be profitable, but satellites wouldnt be pushing the boundaries beyond our planets at all. I think that government funding is the only way it could ever get done.

  2. Anyone can be quiet certain and assured that, if id hadn't been for the exquisite, broad, enviously profound & ambitiously strong dedication of ALL the NASA Coworkers, ALL the indeed hard working Technical Engineers and highly skilled Personell of the total NASA compound, we hadn't ever reached the moon and not a single Human foot would have yet been trying the walkability of the grained surface of the moon. We indeed have NASA to THANK for so infinitely, endlessly much!
    – Tobbe in Sweden –

  3. true, but you can expect privatization as the technology continues to progress. especially in the areas where retrieving resources is possible, I've actually already heard of an American mining company looking into mining nearby asteroids. as it stands, it will be a free for all

  4. all the countries in the world should team up on giving space organisations infinite money.. think about the big picture, what humans as a race could accomplish if it weren't for this material limitation we call money…

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