NASA Explorers Season 5, Episode 4: The South Pole


When Artemis astronauts land on the Moon, they’ll travel to sites never before visited by humans. Namely, they’ll explore the South Pole region, home to the Moon’s largest crater, areas of near-constant light and deep shadows, and some of the coldest temperatures in the solar system.

Exploring the South Pole will teach us more about the Moon’s history, as well as the history of our solar system. It’s home to frozen water, which is crucial for living sustainably on the lunar surface and exploring deeper into the solar system.

Artemis astronauts will explore the Moon on behalf of all of us and bring back lunar rocks and soil for analyses by generations of scientists who will help us gain unimaginable insights into our cosmic history.

Series Executive Producers: Katy Mersmann/Lauren Ward
Season Producers: Lonnie Shekhtman/Stephanie Sipila/James Tralie/Molly Wasser

Explorers: Jose Aponte/Natalie Curran/Julie Mitchell/Adam Naids/Noah Petro/Kelsey Young/Jessica Watkins


a. “Daylight Falls” by Jay Price
b. “Good Omens” by Count Zero and Rohan Stevenson
c. “Lightspeed” by Gresby Race Nash
d. “Wonders of Life” by Enrico Cacace and Lorzeno Castellarin
e. “Hold Still” by Enrico Cacace
f. “We Shall Overcome” by Laurent Couson

Credit: NASA

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