NASA Commemorates Space Shuttle’s 30th Anniversary, Reveals Display Sites for Orbiters


On the anniversary of the first space shuttle flight, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden joined Kennedy Space Center Director Bob Cabana, and STS-1 shuttle pilot Robert Crippen to pay tribute to the space shuttle era at the KSC in Florida. During the event, Bolden named the four institutions that will receive a shuttle orbiter for permanent display.

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  1. I still can't believe we're retiring the Space Shuttles without having a replacement in place.
    Thanks NASA for everything you've done to inspire space exploration. I know you had no option but to retire the Shuttles, so please know that you have our full support.
    I hope one day we can focus more on this amazing endeavor, instead of wasting precious time and resources on senseless bickering.

  2. I will miss the shuttle I was born with them, I was born in 1972 when Nixon announced the shuttle program, and on april 12th 1981 the first flight of columbia was the day of my first Communion in church. From that day I always followed the flights of this fantastic machines. I watched them taking off and land couple of times at KSC and I was sorroued for the to tragedies.
    So I can say the shuttle were all my life.
    I will miss them, thanks NASA for all you have done for humanity.

  3. This is just a play for the gallaries. USA ,Kina and Russia have zero gravity and propulsionsystems that makes this crap really really old.

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