NASA Announces Asteroid Identification, Capture and Sampling Initiative


President Obama’s FY2014 budget request for NASA enables the agency to leverage capabilities in the Human Exploration and Operations, Science and Space Technology Mission Directorates to make significant yet affordable advances in our nation’s capabilities and achieve the space goals set by the Administration. NASA will improve detection and characterization of asteroids, pursue solar electric propulsion demonstration, develop a mechanism to capture an asteroid and redirect it to a stable orbit in the Earth-moon system and begin designing a mission to send humans to it using the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft.

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  1. It's interesting and a relatively cheap mission. Scientifically important but no knowing what materially could be found. Moon base build material? Water? Rare metals?

  2. -NASA "Lets launch a plunger into the space that spits out a black trash bag over something that moves fast."
    -President "Sounds terrible but how much is this project ?"
    -NASA "We may need to invade another country for oil"
    -President "Seems Legit"

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