Miko 2 – The Only Robot that Helps Your Child Learn Through Conversation and Play.


Order now at https://miko.ai

Open your child?s world to millions of possibilities by bridging play and learning. Miko 2 is all about giving your child a fun, exciting platform to help them grow, whether their next step is kindergarten or middle school. Now available at Miko.ai with Free US shipping!

A Personal, At-Home Teacher For Playful Learning
From academic topics to child-friendly news bulletins, fun facts and more, Miko 2 is packed with relevant and freshly updated content specially designed by educationists and child-specialists. Your little one won?t even realize they’re learning.

Entertainment that Lasts For Hours
Miko can sing, dance, play games, narrate stories, share jokes and run fun quizzes. Your child won?t even know that while they’re laughing, they’re learning!
Personality That Adapts To Your Child
Advanced facial and voice recognition technology allow Miko 2 to understand and react to your child?s moods. Improving over time, Miko 2 learns who your child is and what matters to them.
See & Speak Through Miko 2
Away from your child? Use the camera and chat features to engage with your child remotely with completely encrypted control.

Healthy Technology Experience
Miko 2 is a healthy alternative to traditional screen time exposure. Curated content and parental controls give your child all the benefits?and you all of the control.

Complete Parental Control
Get insights and analytics on your child’s interests. Easily limit playtime and even control conversation topics?all from your smartphone.

Private, Secure & Safe
End-to-end data encryption ensures your child and your privacy are safe. No personal information is shared or stored.

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  1. Hi Miko!
    I had placed the order for my nephew for Christmas I was initially scared since there was no email confirmation but once I checked my spam folder I found that my confirmation email ended up there also with a text message with my order confirmation.
    The order did get delayed but the company kept its promise and delivered my order before Christmas!
    It is definitely a good concept to educate your kids at their pace. But I did face few difficulties initially while setting up Miko 2 for my Nephew but I had contacted their Facebook page for customer support which is quite helpful. Eventually I got assisted over a call with a video demo.
    Great customer support.

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