Glaciers across the globe have lost over nine trillion tonnes of ice in half a century. How will glaciers look over the coming decades? “It all depends on what humans are doing now in terms of greenhouse gas emissions:” this is the message one scientist delivered during an ESA-led expedition to the Gorner Glacier in Switzerland – one of the biggest ice masses in the Alps.

As world leaders gather for the 26th @United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties, watch the exclusive premiere of the documentary that follows ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano, along with a team of glaciologists and climate experts, on their journey across the Alps to learn how rising global temperatures are taking their toll on glaciers.

The documentary features breathtaking scenery of the Gorner Glacier as well as interviews with climate specialists as they explain how we can monitor glaciers using both satellite data and in situ measurements.

Learn more about this expedition:

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  1. I don't think of myself as pessimistic because I have already accepted that "we" will not do what is necessary to reverse climate change. I think I'm just being realistic. I've been paying attention to our "nature". "They" have been saying for some time now that we are at, or past our tipping point, and far too many are still still convinced it is all bs anyway. The ones with all the power are too financially invested, short-sighted, selfish, and greedy to even consider not retrieving and profiting from every cc of the fossil fuel that is left in the earth, and have convinced enough of the potential consumers that the ones sounding the alarms are just tree hugging, libtard, alarmists, and those same consumers are too lazy to discern what is truth and what is pure propaganda, or are just to unwilling to face the inconvenience of ANY lifestyle change, despite the fact that that lifestyle change could actually be relatively painless and simple. I'm always so amazed at how people can have full confidence in Capitalism to keep it all afloat, except where endeavors to switch to alternative energy sources and earth-friendly lifestyles are concerned. I mean, nevermind the FACT that the fossil fuels WILL one day run out, and that we WILL one day be using other sources of energy successfully.
    I'm also amazed that so many on the Right LOVE to hunt and fish, and love the outdoors, but don't seem to lose a moment of sleep because their grandchildren will never be able to enjoy nature the way they did.
    In general, I am amazed, and perpetually pissed at how dumb those people on the Right are.
    And they LOVE to call US the sheep, and accuse US of fabricating and believing in "fake news", when the truth is that it is they who are the fake news sheep, and it is SO OBVIOUS to everyone but themselves. It is so crazy how easily, and fully, they are fooled.
    And arguing with them is an exercise in futility.

  2. Carbon taxes and global socialism as in UN Agenda 21 from the central banksters as stated by Klaus Schwab of the world eonomic forum "the great reset" and " you will own nothing and you will be happy" (they will own you and everything)
    Naive much? Grow up.

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