Mars Once Habitable on This Week @NASA


Analysis of the first ever sample of rock powder collected by the Mars Curiosity rover has proven that the Red Planet location it’s exploring once had everything needed to support microbial life including a lakebed filled with not salty or acidic but fresh water. Also, innovative space technology; students help space exploration; women aspiring, inspiring; IceBridge preps; SLS @ TennTech; career day; and more!

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  1. You are Absolutely Perfectly Right and I simply couldn't agree with you more! Chief Administrator Charles Bolden has recently declared that we Will & that we Shall go to a (yet not fully defined or more in detail pointed-out) Asteriod of some sort – but not until in about 2025! That is honestly VASTLY too late & way too modest; we Definitely need some whole a lot more Courageous deep Space goals to head on towards and MUCH sooner! Bring some more Budgetal Strenght to this!
    – Tobbe in Sweden –

  2. Sorry, I hail from a background in physical chemistry and saying "water ice" is too vague in my opinion as water ice can exist in at least 15 different physical states.

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