Marj Dabiq (1516) – How one battle turned the Ottoman Empire into a global superpower


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🚩 The conquest of the Mamluks by Selim I was the largest military venture any Ottoman Sultan had ever attempted. Egypt proved extremely profitable for the empire as it produced more tax revenue than any other Ottoman territory and supplied about 25% of all food consumed. Meanwhile, Mecca and Medina officially made Selim and his descendants the Caliphs of the entire Muslim world until the early 20th century.

📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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📚 Sources:
God’s Shadow: the Ottoman Sultan Who Shaped the Modern World (2020), Mikhail, Alan. ISBN: 978-0-571-33192-5.
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  3. Abbas I re-conquered all lost territories of The Safavid Empire and even conquered some Ottomon territory. So Battle of Chaldiran was a waste for Ottomons. The Safavid's achieved their long temr goal of converting people to Shia Islam of the territories they ruled. Today there are millions of Shias in Turkey.

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