Manzikert, 1071 ⚔️ Battle that broke the Byzantine Empire and sparked the First Crusade


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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

📝 Research & Writing: Jonathan Woody & HistoryMarche

📚 Sources:
Road to Manzikert : Byzantine and Islamic Warfare, 527-1071 by Brian Todd Carey
Manzikert to Lepanto by Adolf M. Hakkert

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  1. 🚩 Get plus 4 extra months on a 2y plan here: It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!

    🚩 The battle of Manzikert is one of those that altered the course of history. The armies of Alp Arslan swept into Anatolia like a storm, inflicting a defeat on the Byzantine Empire from which it would never recover. Many consider Manzikert to be the beginning of the irreversible decline of the Byzantine Empire. The Seljuk victory and the resurgent forces of Islam, were both likely causes for the calling of the First Crusade, over two decades later.

  2. Seljuks were outnumbered by 1 to 3 at least. Good story telling, but some mistakes in details. Its story not of Alp Arslan, but of 30 thousand men who won the battle of 'Malazgirt' against 100+ thousand of romans.

  3. How is this a history Channel when they can't even get the name right. It's the Roman empire not Byzantine Empire. No one until over a century after it's collapse called it the Byzantine empire and the people who started that was German's who were trying to legitimize the HRE as the heir to Rome. The only people in the Roman empire that were Byzantines were the ones in the capital city.

  4. I think that the interpretation of this battles is wrong. The Seljukd had around 25000 soldiers, but the Byzantines fought 80000 Pechenegs in 1091, with the help of 40000 Cumans that will eventually fight the empire too.
    The role of the Turkics of E Europe in the dismantle of the Byzantines was bigger than that of the Seljuks. The Pechenegs and Cumans were always stronger than the Seljuks. Who knows

  5. Alp Arsalan was really a genius. One would expect him to be over-confident because of the numerical advantage. But he kept his patience and drained the enemy slowly. Not to mention that he was brave enough to fight the byzantine army even though they initially had the numerical advantage.

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