Magnetic Levitating Top via Lenz’s Law – Demonstration & Explanation


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Demonstration of a unique top designed by Scott A. Stevenson that levitates in mid air based upon Lenz’s law.
The top consists of a round machined carbon fiber disc that houses 6 equally radially spaced neodymium magnet tabs of N53 strength. Each magnet has an opposite polar orientation relative to its neighbor. In order for optimum levitation to occur the top needs to spin at upwards of 10,000 rpm. To achieve this speed in the simple setup demonstrated here the top is spun up via a key and chuck system made for a dremel tool.

This top’s levitation dies out very quickly due to the magnetic drag set up in forming the eddy currents that create the opposing fields. In this instance the top’s lightweight gyroscopic inertia competes against this significant drag (magnetic braking). It is probably the case that an “ideal” gryoscopic inertia profile vs. weight could be calculated which would correspondingly allow for a longer levitation effect.

October 24, 2014 – Note: The ‘Hendo Hoverboard’ ( patent was rejected and my video as prior art was cited in the rejection:
Here is the rejected patent application:

Lenz’s law information:

A big thank you to machinist Ken Rawson!

This demonstration is similar to wbeaty’s video (which partially inspired it):

Dangerous High-speed Magnetic Levitation Maglev

science physics maglev magnetic levitation neodymium supermagnets magnet

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