Looking back at Earth


Astronaut’s own personal views of Earth, as captured on hand-held video cameras looking out the window of the station (with sounds of the ISS interior).

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  1. @1412ronnie at 11:20 camera is overexposed so they can film the lights on Earth…. you can even see thunderstorms. You can get confused like "why I see stars on Earth or is the Earth transparent and I see stars through Earth"… this is dust on the window clearly visible and confusing due to the camera overexposure. Great video. Just maybe too quick jumps between the shots… I heard that it takes 90 minutes to complete one orbit. It would be cool if you upload a full 90min orbit around Earth!!

  2. (Space tourism is going to change all of that!)

    Stunnedstudios 3 years ago
     man i wish i can be an astronaute, but u gotta be fit physiclally and mentaly, and u gotta know all this stuff. and i mean like years and years or training

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