Lithospheric magnetic field


After three years of collecting data, the highest resolution map of Earth’s lithospheric magnetic field from space to date has been released. The dataset combines measurements from ESA’s Swarm satellites with historical data from the German CHAMP satellite using a new modelling technique that allowed scientists to extract tiny magnetic signals from Earth’s outer layer. Red represents areas where the lithospheric magnetic field is positive, while blues show areas where it is negative.

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Credits: ESA/DTU Space/DLR

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  1. So each anomaly, positive or negative, reflects ancient or present-day processes that have altered the magnetization of the lithosphere.

    Thus the evenness in the Oceans and the greatest disturbances on land and near Ports.

  2. Its a great map -but slow the pay back speed down to get more out of it! Plus – I wish they would also produce a flat map projection so it cold be examined more closely. I managed to find an "anomalous" hot spot in what appears to be a w/central pat of Africa with a stone circle on it!

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