ISS Extended to 2024 on This Week @NASA


NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden and White House Science Advisor John Holdren, announced that the Obama administration is extending usage of the International Space Station to at least the year 2024. In his blog, Bolden noted that NASA is hopeful and optimistic that our ISS partners will join this extension effort and enable continuation of the groundbreaking research being conducted on the unique orbiting laboratory. Also, International Space Exploration Forum, Cygnus’ resupply flight, Super Bowl of Astronomy, 10 years roving Mars, TDRS-L Update and more!

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  1. Las fotos se ven fantasticas! Nos trae una autenticidad increible y nos da la oportunidad de tener la experiencia como si estuvieramos hay. Necesitamos saber mas sobre Marte. Que pronto haiga un remplazo para el shuttle. Seria bueno que el gobierno tome la iniciativa y no lo deje todo a la industria privada.

  2. Glad to see the extended mission… There's no point at all in stop the operations so soon, even Mir lasted longer than ISS… Ok, they hold it up with a pen and some glue, but still…
    I wanna see the ISS lasting at least 2 decades and I bet it was projected to last more… If not, some pen, glue and a bunch of russian will do!

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