How do we take space debris out of orbit?


Don’t be scared of space debris. ESA’s Clean Space initiative is carrying out preparatory activities to build a test mission to take a single, large and heavy item of debris out of orbit.

For further information, check out where the team shares regular news about its activities.

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  1. why not just release thick gas, and let the gas do the slowing down? it will act as a thick curtain, that will slow the debris enough with each pass, that the debris will loose speed, go to lower orbit, and get caught by earth atmosphere. no need for fancy inventions, just gas released from a tank.

  2. Would it be possible to “heave” (push) the debris outward past Earth-orbit so it would “implode” in the “vacuum of space? What would the after-effect of this implosion be—huge amounts if smaller debris traveling into outer space?

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