Greenhouse Experiment on ISS


Paolo Nespoli, unfortunately has had to terminate his education experiment Greenhouse in Space due to the fact he noticed some fungus growing beside one of the plants. In this video, he takes great care to explain exactly what
has happened and shows us all the procedures that are necessary on the ISS to maintain a safe environment. Although Paolo managed to grow some healthy plants in one of his greenhouses, no risks can be taken.
Paolo encourages all the children participating in the Greenhouse experiment to carry on trying to grow Arabidopsis from seed to seed as this is important for the future of long duration and distance space travel.

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  1. @Jackie Kevan
    Recreating gravity in space is no new idea, though its pretty hard to do this when it comes to living and moving things.

    As you may have watched the movie 'Interstellar' they tried to improvise gravity there by using centrifugal forces to 'press' the crew against the floor. For that they built a spaceshuttle similiar to a ring and gave it a spin.
    The problem with this is simply that it would only work if all the mass of the spaceshuttle is equally distributed from the center of rotation.

    Try this:
    Get one boiled and one raw egg.
    If you gonna give a spin to those eggs they will automaticly try to rotate around their center of mass.
    The boiled egg (with 'nearly' equal distributed mass viewed from its center) will rotate steady around this axis.
    Though the raw egg is still liquid inside. That means that the center of mass is moving around (because of the yolk): The egg wont rotate steady.

    Now think of a space shuttle. If it spins and some member of the crew moves around – the distribution of the mass changes and with it the center of rotation. So for every movement you're doing – even putting a pencil from one spot to another – must be compensated by other masses. Else you would get an unsteady spin. That this is a problem is another category but trust me – it is a big problem.

    Beside this there are a lot of other problems. For example is the centrifugal force of such a small rotating system not equal on your whole body. Your head would get pulled down less strong than your feet.

    Right now (and afaik) there is no other way to recreate such a force in space.

  2. If there's a possibility of an airborne threat which he's protecting himself from then why the hell there's no such protection for the whole station and other crew members… What kind of safety regulations is this ..

  3. I would love it was made more experiments shows on the ISS and one would be two strings with both balls attached each side being throw rotating to check if they stay together in the centre axis…. For example…

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