First Weld Made to New Spacecraft


Construction has begun on the first new NASA orbit-bound, human spacecraft to be built in 20 years. Engineers at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans have started welding together the first Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle. The craft is scheduled for a test flight in 2013, during which the unmanned vehicle will orbit the Earth several times. NASA’s last spacecraft built to orbit humans was space shuttle Endeavour, which was completed in 1991.

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  1. @Zamboro intergalactic travel refers to travel between galaxies, not travel within a single galaxy. distances between galaxies are so incomprehensibly vast that travel between them would be unlikely without some kind of wormhole tech.

  2. what's happening here in the video? what part is this? who designed it? why is it important this is being welded? Who are the people working here? the director? what inspired the design? What building are we in, or for that matter what state? This looks ;ike the human carrying capsule but there's no information in this video. It was interesting yeah, and cool to see the facility and a little how things are done, but there's like no information here

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