Final Shuttle Rollout on This Week @NASA


The final rollout of the Space Shuttle Program has brought Atlantis from the Vehicle Assembly Building to Launch Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center for the liftoff of STS-135 targeted for July 8. Mated to its external tank and solid rocket boosters, the orbiter traveled the 3.4-miles atop a crawler-transporter at a top speed of less than a mile an hour. Also, farewell to Spirit; cave research; lunabotics, and aviation history revisited.

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  1. @NowWhatRTheyUp2 You are a fucking idiot, you are probably jealous because you are too stupid to work for NASA. Stop hating on all the NASA videos and get a life you stupid fuck.

  2. It operates with our tax money under a vail of secrecy. NASA just sent an email warning to all it's employees, but said nothing to the public it serves. Look at the hidden meanings on the email message. There you will see in advance at the top corner of the page, what is headed our way. I am sincere, I wish you no ill will and hope you take the brief opportunity to prepare yourself and your family the best you can. In the meantime while I'm still alive ….. FUCK NASA

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