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ESOC – European Space Operations Centre 2017

As a centre of excellence for mission operations since 1967, ESA’s ‘mission control’ delivers expertise and experience in a unique mix that serves the scientific and engineering goals of ESA, and enables economically vital European programmes like Copernicus and Galileo.

ESOC is home to highly specialised teams who control and navigate spacecraft, manage ESA’s worldwide tracking station network, and build the ground systems that enable satellites to conduct their missions. Spacecraft flown from ESOC are studying our planet and helping us understand climate change through realtime Earth data, and are exploring our Sun and Solar System or peering deep into the mysteries of time and space.

The centre is unique and unparalleled in its ability to control sophisticated probes, and to design, develop and build everything needed on ground to successfully fly satellites in space.

Our world is about systems, communication and exploration; our passion is for humanity’s voyages into the Universe.

In 2017, ESOC celebrates its 50th anniversary #esoc50

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  1. Well done ESA! I get an e-mail when the ISS will be visible over my home and I'm always excited to watch it fly past. I also cast my vote for politicians who will support NASA and science, although at this time we are in the minority here in the U.S.. Thank you for your leadership!

  2. 2:32 in reality, put to the scale of his globe, the ISS and the sattelite would be about against the globe he drawed. Imagine the size of the earth and how much 700 km would be to scale!

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